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Faded but not dated

If you ever go to a REALLY good rug/carpet store,. you will be amazed by the utter beauty some of them can be. It's truly a piece of work that will perhaps make you find the reasoning behind their 5-10K price tags.

Lately (for a while now) the trend has been to have those lovely, stunning faded pattern rugs. Often with a Persian style print or Patch work in bright colours:

Second Life Blue Rug - ELTE

Red Second Life Rug - ELTE

Dark Green Patchwork Second Life Rug - at ELTE

If subtlety is the name of YOUR game, then check out W STUDIO new Contempory Studio collection. One example is right below:
100% hand knotted - wool/silk

Please go spend an hour at those 2 stores and fall in love with the endless options you will encounter.
That being said, if you LOVE the look and HATE the price tag, I found the following DIY project on a blog (

It basically creates a pattern using paint and a metal flower stand!
The important things is to find something that has the pattern you love, and go from there.
Her initial inspiration was another DIY project featured on "", in which a rubber mat was used:

So below is the excerpt from the diy explaining how to do it! If any of you try it, let me know and send me pics!!

Before, this was just a regular ol’ beige rag rug, discolored in parts by water leakage and all around boring and lame.  Now it is a super cool, distressed, Moroccan-style area rug, and the transformation cost $15.  FIFTEEN. DOLLARS.  Dean and I were first inspired by this tutorial that Justin found on Apartment Therapy – stamping a rug with a rubber welcome mat – but we couldn’t find any decent rubber mats and we were under serious time constraints.  So instead . . . we used an iron plant stand.  Yes, that’s right, a muther flipping PLANT STAND!
painting stamping diy moroccan rug tutorial

- Rug (mine is a cheap-o rag rug from Target or World Market or something)
- Plant stand (purchased at Joann Fabrics and the wheels on the bottom make great “handles”)
- Paint (our 8oz sample of Behr Ultra Flat wall paint in “Midnight Dream” was perfect)
- Accent paint (we used gold purchased at the hardware store)
- Foam brush
- Tape Measure
- Pencil
- Drop cloth
Begin by marking the center of your rug and then decide on a pattern – marking where each stamp will land.   Use your foam brush to apply a generous layer of paint onto the plant stand and, beginning with your center mark, press the stand (paint-side-down) onto the rug.  Be sure to press down for a moment to allow the paint to seep into the rug (laying a drop cloth underneath the rug will protect from any major seepage, although I didn’t have that problem).  Apply a fresh layer of paint to the stand for each stamp and move out from your center mark, covering the entire rug.  The stamps will not be exactly the same, nor will they be perfect – it’s the imperfections that give the rug that faded, rustic charm.  After the first layer has mostly dried, you can begin to layer the pattern.  I stamped a random pattern using gold to add some dimension.
diy paint stamp rug turorial

This project is EXTREMELY MESSY, by the way.  Your hands will be completely covered in paint, but wall paint washes right off, so who cares?  Enjoy it.  And seriously, isn’t it worth a bit of mess?  I’m completely in love with this project.  And you don’t have to limit yourself to rugs – you can stamp anything.  Drapes would be super awesome.  And so would an over-sized canvas for some serious wall art.  Go forth, my friends, and do this project.

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