Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eye catching Ikat

Hello dear readers,

Today I am doing an entry on a decorating trend that has swept the entire world. All showrooms have them: IKAT pattern pillows.

Ikat dying originated in Indonesia and means to "bind" or to "tie". It pretty much refers to a very ancient technique in dying the threads before they're woven to create a pattern. Its beginnings date from the pre-Columbian times and there are different variations all over the world.

Today's technology allowed us to recreate the "look" of the woven pattern using a simple dye technique. Now Ikat patterns are found on silks, cottons, linens, you name it.

So... how to use them?
The choices are endless and they're everywhere.
They allow you to work with ANY colour scheme and will instantly add visual interest with its geometric shapes and patterns.

  • Use them in groupings 
They are more effective and dramatic result if they're used in groups. The patterns can be the same or different, and the colours should complement each other.

  • As an identical set
for adding pattern to a monochromatic room, or for a more formal look

  • Mixing with solids/geometrics
For a juxtaposition/complementary function

Theo's picks:

Dwell Studio Ikat Citrine -

Anthropologie's Watercolor Ikat - 

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -


  1. Beautiful pillows! Hope I can find them here in Cancun.

    1. Hello Susan,
      You can always get them shipped to you. Just the covers and you can find the insert there in Cancun.

  2. Hi.
    we manufacture hand-loom Ikats from India.please like our page on facebook for more details or write a mail at