Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ripple effect

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Hope everyone is doing well. Today, I would like to feature a window treatment, called the ripplefold.

This is an elegant and sophisticated approach for curtains.

When it comes to mechanics, it's actually quite simple:
They attach a track to the ceiling or wall. Then they have snap-on carriers built into the tracks and then snap-on tape that will be attached to the fabric.

The stack-back is about 1/3 of the rod, so that goes to say that when utilized, this type of drapery should be most often closed  as it will block 1/3 on each side of the panels.

example of stack-backs

or, in a room where the window wall is quite large and the window doesn't take up the entire wall:

Headers: it can be sewn-in on the snap-on tape with the same fabric as the panels for a seamless look:

And finally, my favorite way to include ripplefold drapery is with the use of recessed drapery pockets, so it looks like the wavy panels just drop from the ceiling like a waterfall:

TF Interiors tips:

  • Avoid fabric panels with too much of a pattern because the undulations will distort the overall look, however consider textured fabrics or with a sheen
  • Sheer sheer sheer! If you have a stunning view and larger than life windows ... simply layer the window with a nice sheer to add a visual layer without compromising the window/view
  • Companies such as Hunter Douglas and Kirsch carry the ripplefold track system and most custom drapery places would have installers

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