Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toronto Fall Home Show 2012

Hello dear TDB (Theo's design blog) readers,

How's everyone doing?
Fall is officially here! Summer, we bid you au revoir ... and it seems I just greeted you last week.
So, today I had a chance to accompany 2 dear friends (thanks Nicole for scoring the tickets) to the Toronto Fall Home Show 2012 edition at the Better Living Centre - at the Ex.

It is pretty much the same year after year. Lots of house hold products and home reno services and companies, which is expected since it's the HOME show, right?

I would like to underline a lovely collaboration between Casa Life and Benjamin Moore. They came up with 6 Design Equations, which are basically 6 different rooms and every day spaces designed with accessories and furniture styles in coordination with different colour palettes.

The result: 6 charming rooms, one very different from another.

Casa Life has a great variety of styles and furniture pieces and accessories and among the 6 design equations rooms, these pieces were my favourite:

Another item the stroke my fancy was this chevron pattern cow hide rug from a Montreal company called "Guanaco":

And lastly, my browsing made a stop at the Bo Concept booth due to this adorable floating shelf:

And if someone was to ask me what trends I noticed while perusing through all vendors and booths, I would say:
  • Floating Vanities
  • Mix of different furniture styles and accessories
  • Green design
  • Re-purposed items
  • bye bye granite, hello quartz and ceaserstone
  • bold fabrics and prints in small quantities
And that`s a wrap!

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

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