Monday, September 3, 2012

Mediterranean Flair

Happy Labour Day Weekend anyone,

This holiday marking the end of summer comes as respite for many of us (busy summer with the kids, overexerting summer jobs, too much flying - for my trolly dollies friends).

Many people travel every year to the Mediterranean and come back inspired and elated with the sights from places visited.

In homage of that truly fascinating part of the world, I decided to make a quick blog entry about Olive trees indoors to add a Mediterranean flair to a room.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to find olive trees here in Canada due to the weather.
They would obviously have to be grown indoors and also imported.

The only solution I found was Russian Olive trees that you can grow as a shrub and keep it in a large pot and prune it constantly to keep it small. Their foliage is very silver-ish like the Mediterranean ones. They have some at Sheridan Nurseries here in Toronto.

Below is a picture of an outdoor Russian Olive tree that, if kept pruned and small, would embellish any interior space.
Russian Olive tree by back wall

Add some white washed wide board hardwood floors and you got yourself a little piece of the Mediterranean at home :-)

Theo Flamenbaum
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  1. Your website is fantastic...your pictures are beautiful!