Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trail Blazers

 Hello dear readers,

Hope all is well!
In the midst of moving, condo shopping, condo selling... I haven't had much time to blog.
But today, I decided to give myself 30m to blog about a lovely and exciting novelty I stumbled upon.

Our own Canadian furniture and decor store EQ3 has a collection from some of the trail blazers of Design, called EQ3 +.

Products and furniture from the likes of Herman Miller, Vitra and Alessi are now available in the modern retail store.
Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Chair, from $494.00

Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Desk, $1,930.00

  Alessi Blip Spoon Rest, $35.00

Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Sidechair - Wire Base, $346.00

Vitra- Panton Chair, $295.00

Also the Scandinavian brand Stelton and lighting pieces from Pablo designs are now within reach of you and I.

Stelton - Pure Black Chef's Knife - Large, $119.95
Pablo - Tube Top Colours Table Lamp, $120.00

I think this collection shows a successful interest of the Canadian Furniture manufacturer, that is known for affordability, to showcase upscale and classic design pieces. Good job!

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flawless design

Hello dear readers,

What morose day here in Toronto. So to brighten up your day, here is one magnificent piece of flawless and perfect Design and Architecture.

I would like to draw attention to the overall lighting used (lots of outdoor uplights and cove lighting indoors) and the water features.

Overall, stunning design!

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crystal clear

Hello people of the world,

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend here in Canada (well, Ontario).
Today I just wanted to make a quick entry on a designer from Belgium called Serge de Troyer and his unique acrylic creations.

Acrylic furniture are winners in small and contemporary spaces.

Below are my 4 picks from his master pieces:

table lamp

muskoka chair


Note: they get scratched! so careful... or simply don't expect them to stay in a pristine condition forever :-)

These items can actually be purchased on

Stunning and unique pieces! Enjoy :-)

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -