Monday, February 4, 2013

A penny for your thoughts

Hello dear blog readers,

Today in Canada, we bid adieu to our copper friend, the penny. It costs now 1.06 cents for each penny to be made, therefore making its existence worthless and let's be honest, quite cumbersome.

Now what to do? I mean these little red guys (often tarnished and collectively taking up space in your change purse/wallet yet yielding very little monetary value) have been part of our lives since forever.


So I decided to feature some amazing ideas on how to incorporate those tiny coins into a fun design. In case you feel a certain emotional attachment or you are an amazing DIY'er, go crazy!

  • Accent wall 

Using Elder's glue and hundreds, if not thousands, of pennies. Use a MDF or plywood board to avoid damage to walls.

  • Flooring
Quite an impact created, this idea works really well in an entrance hall/foyer or a small space. It is a tedious job, so make sure you have spare patience and time.

  • Sculptures
Endless choices and possibilities. Just remember that pennies are not malleable, so better applied on a flat surface. However, this horse just below looks amazing. Craftsmanship definitely plays a role.

  •  Backsplash
Another way to create a unique look, however this requires sealing the backplash once all pennies have been attached and the grout is dry.

  • Gardening

A ball of pennies will keep the slugs away from your plants and flowers. But also, the copper and zinc compound will make your hydrangeas turn blue! YAY! Science and gardening come together to our benefit!

Bye bye pennies!

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Theo Flamenbaum
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