Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stone walls

Hello everyone,

I am an advocate of pushing boundaries when it comes to wall coverings. Don't get me wrong, I love paint, and colours and always will... but when the space, budget and moment is right, stunning wall coverings can deliver the "wow" factor that every home owner strives for.

So, speaking of "wow" factor, Phillip Jeffries LTD,. introduces a new way to cover walls with "Geology". Authentic honed slate is sold in a flexible panel format, creating a one-of-a-kind wall statement. A patented precision process creates a micro thin veneer of real slate reinforced by a flexible fiberglass resin backing. Available in 2 panels sizes: 12"x24" and 24"x48".

They even posted on their website a video explaining the installation as this is a patented new product.

Absolutely stunning results! I can't wait to see it in real life, maybe in your powder room or foyer? I think you should... 

Theo Flamenbaum
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INDUR Posters

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lighting beauties

Hola people of the world,

I am in a good mood :-) Just drove my new little car home and while it was getting the OK from my mechanic, I decided to just stop over at one of my sanctuaries when it comes to high end lighting: Klaus by Niemkamper, on King Street East.

Can I just say, it's truly inspiring to visit that store. Helpful staff and striking and unique pieces to marvel your eyes.

So armed with my camera (as a Designer always should), I snapped  a few shots and voici my favorite ones.

It's designed with mathematical precision by creating digitally etched brass, stainless steel and copper sheets. When lit up, the pattern creates an amazing shadow/light effect. 

Sexy and curvaceous brass frame. It`s shiny, it`s glamorous, it`s stunning. Created by legendary Designer Alvar Aalto, these pendants are called A330 or Golden Bell and also come in black.

Already featured in my previous article, Mooois vs Bocci, this amazing structure is made with LED mini lights and the wiring is actually run within the sphere frame. Beautiful and very energy efficient, this light pendant offers a cool glow and will glam up any space. 

3 different styles, 3 lighting beauties. Which one would you take home?

Theo Flamenbaum 
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toronto Fall Home Show 2012

Hello dear TDB (Theo's design blog) readers,

How's everyone doing?
Fall is officially here! Summer, we bid you au revoir ... and it seems I just greeted you last week.
So, today I had a chance to accompany 2 dear friends (thanks Nicole for scoring the tickets) to the Toronto Fall Home Show 2012 edition at the Better Living Centre - at the Ex.

It is pretty much the same year after year. Lots of house hold products and home reno services and companies, which is expected since it's the HOME show, right?

I would like to underline a lovely collaboration between Casa Life and Benjamin Moore. They came up with 6 Design Equations, which are basically 6 different rooms and every day spaces designed with accessories and furniture styles in coordination with different colour palettes.

The result: 6 charming rooms, one very different from another.

Casa Life has a great variety of styles and furniture pieces and accessories and among the 6 design equations rooms, these pieces were my favourite:

Another item the stroke my fancy was this chevron pattern cow hide rug from a Montreal company called "Guanaco":

And lastly, my browsing made a stop at the Bo Concept booth due to this adorable floating shelf:

And if someone was to ask me what trends I noticed while perusing through all vendors and booths, I would say:
  • Floating Vanities
  • Mix of different furniture styles and accessories
  • Green design
  • Re-purposed items
  • bye bye granite, hello quartz and ceaserstone
  • bold fabrics and prints in small quantities
And that`s a wrap!

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ripple effect

Hello dear blog readers,

Hope everyone is doing well. Today, I would like to feature a window treatment, called the ripplefold.

This is an elegant and sophisticated approach for curtains.

When it comes to mechanics, it's actually quite simple:
They attach a track to the ceiling or wall. Then they have snap-on carriers built into the tracks and then snap-on tape that will be attached to the fabric.

The stack-back is about 1/3 of the rod, so that goes to say that when utilized, this type of drapery should be most often closed  as it will block 1/3 on each side of the panels.

example of stack-backs

or, in a room where the window wall is quite large and the window doesn't take up the entire wall:

Headers: it can be sewn-in on the snap-on tape with the same fabric as the panels for a seamless look:

And finally, my favorite way to include ripplefold drapery is with the use of recessed drapery pockets, so it looks like the wavy panels just drop from the ceiling like a waterfall:

TF Interiors tips:

  • Avoid fabric panels with too much of a pattern because the undulations will distort the overall look, however consider textured fabrics or with a sheen
  • Sheer sheer sheer! If you have a stunning view and larger than life windows ... simply layer the window with a nice sheer to add a visual layer without compromising the window/view
  • Companies such as Hunter Douglas and Kirsch carry the ripplefold track system and most custom drapery places would have installers

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You - 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mediterranean Flair

Happy Labour Day Weekend anyone,

This holiday marking the end of summer comes as respite for many of us (busy summer with the kids, overexerting summer jobs, too much flying - for my trolly dollies friends).

Many people travel every year to the Mediterranean and come back inspired and elated with the sights from places visited.

In homage of that truly fascinating part of the world, I decided to make a quick blog entry about Olive trees indoors to add a Mediterranean flair to a room.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to find olive trees here in Canada due to the weather.
They would obviously have to be grown indoors and also imported.

The only solution I found was Russian Olive trees that you can grow as a shrub and keep it in a large pot and prune it constantly to keep it small. Their foliage is very silver-ish like the Mediterranean ones. They have some at Sheridan Nurseries here in Toronto.

Below is a picture of an outdoor Russian Olive tree that, if kept pruned and small, would embellish any interior space.
Russian Olive tree by back wall

Add some white washed wide board hardwood floors and you got yourself a little piece of the Mediterranean at home :-)

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -