Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Window of opportunity - "Clerestory windows"

Hola :-)

Today I am going to talk about an architectural feature that I truly believe is totally underestimated, underused and quite neglected - 'Clerestory Windows'.

Originating way back from the Egyptian temples, clerestory windows are basically high window, way above eye level, that bring outside light, air, or both, to an interior.

They became really popular in design of Romanesque and Gothic Period churches:

In contemporary use, interior as well as exterior clerestory windows are used.

If you are doing a new built/ground up projects, I strongly recommend this feature to introduce light into a house or a room.

Below are some stunning examples of clerestory windows:

One point to consider as well is that Clerestory windows are easier and cheaper to install than adding a skylight.

Clerestory windows can be:
-  angled or slanted; 

- operational (open and closed); 

- as well as transom windows

I personally believe that clerestory windows are always winners in:

Staircases and cottages :-)

Theo Flamenbaum
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  1. Theo! Great topic, It makes me want to build my own home some day,...with lots of clerestory windows!!

  2. I agree with you, light is a fundamental part of good architecture. Windows bring in light and air thus breathing in life into any space!