Sunday, April 29, 2012

fashion vs style?

"What is the difference between mere fashion and true style?"
"Fashion says 'Me too', and style says 'Only me'." - Geraldine Stutz

Sunday, April 22, 2012

cover me pretty

Oh hiiiii :-)
Yesterday, one of my fave design blogs ( had an entry showing 2 images of  a kitchen/breakfast nook covered in my favorite collection of wall-coverings: Phillip Jeffries.

  • This Grass-cloth wall covering adds drama without drowning the rooms. It has textures and adds dimension and dynamic to the kitchen.

  • I love how the wrapped the grass-cloth into the window sills and bulkheads.
For a few years now, P. J wall coverings has this collection with moroccan-style prints and others.

They will most definitely add glamour and focus to a room:


Because the rolls run in the the 200 dollar mark,  I would suggest using this as:
  • An Accent wall
  • In a powder room
  • Hallways/foyers
  • Headboard wall
And finally, these are only available through trades, like me :-)

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You - 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's wine o'clock

Red, white  or rosé....  from Chile, South Africa or Napa Valley, chances are we all like at least one kind.
It may make you mouthy, red cheeked or simply more relaxed, God bless wine :-)

Remember: Choosing ONE cool and bold wine rack adds instant punch or personality to a kitchen. It's one of the most fun and versatile kitchen accents out there :-)

Below are some cute and unique wine racks I came across on the net.

Unique Wine Rack
Echellon by Kikkerland
Wine Knot Unique Wine Rack by Mint
Wine Knot by Mint

Wall Wine Rack by Cattelan Italia
By Cattelan Italia

Industrial Wine Rack, Factory 20
Acrylic wall wine rack - by Gus*
cool wine racks 5 cool wine racks photos compilations and galleries
Buffet - Wine Rack (Custom)

Dagan Design - Puzzle wine rack

Vinello, also by Umbra

Choose your favourite!

- Style + Function + Love + You -