Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lighting beauties

Hola people of the world,

I am in a good mood :-) Just drove my new little car home and while it was getting the OK from my mechanic, I decided to just stop over at one of my sanctuaries when it comes to high end lighting: Klaus by Niemkamper, on King Street East.

Can I just say, it's truly inspiring to visit that store. Helpful staff and striking and unique pieces to marvel your eyes.

So armed with my camera (as a Designer always should), I snapped  a few shots and voici my favorite ones.

It's designed with mathematical precision by creating digitally etched brass, stainless steel and copper sheets. When lit up, the pattern creates an amazing shadow/light effect. 

Sexy and curvaceous brass frame. It`s shiny, it`s glamorous, it`s stunning. Created by legendary Designer Alvar Aalto, these pendants are called A330 or Golden Bell and also come in black.

Already featured in my previous article, Mooois vs Bocci, this amazing structure is made with LED mini lights and the wiring is actually run within the sphere frame. Beautiful and very energy efficient, this light pendant offers a cool glow and will glam up any space. 

3 different styles, 3 lighting beauties. Which one would you take home?

Theo Flamenbaum 
- Style + Function + Love + You - 

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