Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love being "throw"n around

Sorry fellow blog followers, I know it's been forever. But sometimes life just happens.
I find myself with a few minutes to spare and decided to make a new entry.
This time around:throw blankets.

This decor element is quite versatile and useful.
It is a great way to add a hint of colour, pattern, texture or focal point.

In a monochromatic room, it's a great way to tie together the elements belonging to that one accent colour.

But also, it can add contrast to a room that lacks a punch of colour and needs a splash of life.

The choices are truly endless!

What to think about BEFORE acquiring one:
- Use: will be it purely decorative or will it be used as a snuggle partner? if the latter one is the case, that brings me to the second criteria:
- Materials: man made fibers (acrylic, polyester) or natural fibers (wool, cotton, cashmere, mohair, fur) or a blend. If getting a nice one, invest in a nice, soft, breathable natural fiber so your cuddling doesn't become a sweat tent!

Theo's style capsule:
  • PATTERN : what a great way to add a dynamic element to perhaps a safe, subdued room:
Not a big fan of this room, but good example of a good patterned throw.

  • FUR IS HOT: "Restoration hardware" introduced a stunning collection of faux fur (We don't like clubbing baby seals and chinchillas - even if they make lovely coats). It's the best way to play with texture and add sophistication and warmth to a room               

Lynx, Mink and Coyote  ($79)
  • LOOSE/CHUNKY HANDKNITTED: handsome look and very "in" at the moment
West Elm - Chunky Tassel throw

  • CASHMERE/HERMES:  If your budget allows you to, go full throttle and get the best of the best :-)
Ralph Lauren - Cashmere with leather trim

One day I'll have one (sigh) - Hermès throw

     -Style + Function + Love + You-
      Theo Flamenbaum


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