Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black chandeliers- Black statement

In times where “eclectic” is the name of the game and “funky” is what everyone wants to be, there is one item that I believe will always be timeless.
Black crystal chandeliers are simply HOT!!!
If you are looking to make a statement, add drama to a room and have a sensational focal point, here is the answer. Oh …. and all that while being classy and sophisticated! (it IS possible).
The good thing about black chandeliers is that you use as a “matching piece” (such as the image above) so basically in a room where black is present in the decor already (walls, accents or furniture) OR you may use is a “contrast piece”, in a white room or a monochromatic room (when there is one predominant colour).

Things to keep in mind when going for this look:
  • Height of the room - Do not install a chandelier in any rooms lower than 9’ 
  • Proportion - Please measure the entire room and furniture pieces. Proportion is so crucial in decorating. That being said, I would suggest you buy your furniture first, then you look for the right chandelier. Also: width and volume are important and height from bottom of chandelier to a dining room table.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Remember that dust is so much more visible on black. (Does anyone have a black car?!). And cleaning involves removing each crystal/glass!! each one of them!
How to get it???
- Here in Toronto, I remember seeing some nice ones (but not real crystals) at Upcountry on King st. East.
Also: Also good old Homo Depot  has one for $179 CDN and apparently only sold online. “Concerto 6light black chandelier”
Also: Sescolite ( and union lighting ( should definitely have something. The latter one has the largest showroom in Canada and it’s worth the trip to the area (Castlefield street).
You may also opt for a chandelier with black little shades (like the stunning Baccarat Chandelier below) or a modern twist:

If a full blown chandelier is too much (honestly, it is never too much in the right room!!) check out this table lamp that genius designer Philippe Starck designed with Baccarat:

- Style + Function + Love + You -
Theo Flamenbaum

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