Sunday, October 9, 2011

Theo's favourite magazines

So… we’re almost saturated with so many publications of Interior Design and Decor.
They are all shiny and with beautiful glossy pages… but really, how good are they? and … how helpful and relevant are they?
Most people, non designers, buy them thinking they will find step to step design and decor solutions and customized ideas to whatever it is they need to do with their own space. Well, it doesn’t work that way :-(
They often feature spaces created with astronomical budgets and professional input, well, that’s why they’re on a magazine. Then people get mad and throw them out saying “my house will never be like that!”
So keeping that in mind, I invite everyone to resort to magazines with a different approach:
- Inspiration
- Ideas
- Trends
- Resources

Below I mention my top 3 magazines based strictly on their content.

Canada’s House and Home - It’s overall well written but its best asset: the local resources! The magazine makes reference to locals shops, stores and locations
Elle Decor - It has amazing inspirational images with super trendy ideas and stylish spaces. The best photos out there!

Interior Design - An exquisite magazine with intelligent texts and articles. Smart and avant-garde. Particularly good for those that in the trade.
Special mentions:UK’s “Wallpaper Magazine” for it’s hip content and travel section, Spain’s “El Mueblo”  -me encanta!!! and ANY “Architectural Digest” for those that dream big!

- style + function + love + you -
Theo Flamenbaum

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