Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looks who's here! CB2

Hello dear blog readers,
The waiting game is over. The very much anticipated opening of Canada's first CB2 store. Right here, downtown Toronto, YAY!!

The opening is scheduled for next Saturday, January 21 at the Southeast corner of Queen and Bathurst streets.

CB2 is the modern, contemporary budget conscious and condo friendly offspring of none other than Crate and Barrel. The first store opened its doors in 2000 in Chicago and now is present in 11 US cities making homes, condos and lofts all over North America better looking and more functional.

CB2 is known for bright and bold graphics, patterns. Crafty designs and eclectic pieces.I can assure you that you will be sure asked: Where did you get that?

Along with West Elm (LOVES), CB2 will give Canadians (Torontonians first, of course) another option to play dress up with our homes without spending a fortune.

Unique lighting fixtures, to visually stunning pillow and fun rugs, CB2 offers an array of products ranging from office to dining, make sure to dedicate a lazy afternoon or a lunch run to this great store!!

Theo's picks:
coup chartreuse pillow
contact stool
Makoda Dining Table

Nigel Bedding set

Signal Floor Lamp

Red Utility Lamp
Swirl Sculptures

Cage Brass Pendant

Terrain Dinnerware

Tambien Smoky tumblers

Fan Coral Shower curtain

          Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

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