Monday, January 30, 2012

Interior Design Show

Hello all! Hope all is well.

So last weekend we had here, in Toronto, the Annual Interior Design Show (IDS).
After attending a few in a row, it becomes a little predictable, however, as I am getting into the industry, it is always nice to see people from the trade, exhibitors and people you have only emailed or talked on the phone with.

I did a quick run through on Friday, Trade day, to avoid the general crowd and snap some shots.

If I had to mention the highlights of it, I would say that more attention to materials. Be it stone, wood, glass or metal, the finishes we now see are stunning and give a new purpose to style.

Also a return of gold, brass, and bronze. I am not saying: Chrome and Stainless steel, be gone! but I am saying: oh look, I see gold, yellow and brown hardware and fixtures now.

Trends: green design! Conscientious and responsible design! Reducing, recycling and reusing! 

And finally! SMART design: more than ever, when planning and new build, hard reno, or a makeover: save time and use the resources and knowledge of a designer! (moi!)

Below are some snapshots of pretty things I saw:
Beautiful luxurious shower hardware

sink vessel in stone

ultra modern stone sink 

12" wide plank - Moncer

Bocci pendant

NEW Bocci smoky glass chandelier-pendant 

UpCountry display - LOVE the spotlight, the chandelier and the side-table/chest

Soft brushed Gold faucets

Gun Barrel Faucet 

Kitchen storage in an armoire

Elte's street signs

Smoky crystal chandelier from Elte

New tile pattern

Outdoors Ethanol fireplace

Stunning lit patterned panelling 

- Style + Function + Love + You -
           Theo Flamenbaum


  1. Great photo collage, Theo! I didn't even SEE that tile or the patterned panelling; what show did I attend? :) They're both gorgeous, and nice shots of each.

    1. Thanks April, the patterned panelling was actually part of the Moet's booth!!!