Friday, February 3, 2012

I want to be book matched please!

Hello dear readers,

I had a great week at my amazing new job where every day I acquire an abundance of knowledge and information.
One of the things that I am being exposed to is custom mill work. Custom mill work adds value and creates a unique setting to your place.
Thanks to Emily (Hi Emily) I was introduced to the different cuts of veneers that one can choose when selection the finish of their mill work.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the wood you are using. Each wood has a particular grain, and that's what it'll give it a certain look.
The first style is the most used one, the book matched veneers: Every other strip of veneer is turned over.This produces a grain pattern that is matched at the veneer joint, like an open book (like my life!).

Book matched veneers on a horizontal application.

The next style is slip matched. Basically they simply glue strips of veneers parallel one to another.

Slip veneers on wall panelling

The Last style in Veneer cuts is random. The most visually dynamic of the trio, it gives a more "busy" look because it comes from different random cuts of the wood. It looks better on flooring because it covers a larger surface:

And finally my currently fave look:  HORIZONTALLY BOOK MATCHED WALNUT VENEER!
Like the drawers below:

Hotness + class = these cabinetry work!

- Style + Function + Love + You -

           Theo Flamenbaum

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