Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 cabinet styles, 1 kitchen

Ola bloggers,
So today, I decided to feature a design element/style that it's not overly done but yet, adds a dynamic kick a kitchen design: Upper and lower cabinets in 2 different styles.

-Everyone is always concerned about "what colour do I paint my kitchen cabinets". My answer would be: pick  2!
When space is available (in a very small kitchen it wouldn't work as well, and it would just look odd), adding 2 different finishes in the kitchen cabinets will create a visual interest making your eye travel up and down.

There are endless ways go about doing this.
We can play with the following things:

  • Dual tone cabinets:

  •  Opposites (very common - black/white):

  • Different finishes/materials:

Wood lower cabinets and frosted glass uppers

Wood table/island on right side, and high gloss lacquer on the left
  •  High contrast:

And finally, for a more traditional approach, you can definitely use white paneled cabinets wrapping around the kitchen and use a dark stain/colour island to anchor the room or the opposite:

  • Different island:

Finally, my favorite combination:
  • Using a walnut veneer finish and a high gloss/lacquer. It marries "earthy" with "modern" in the most harmonious way possible, playing with uppers and lowers, islands and cabinetry, right/left side etc:

Your choices are limitless just like your designer's imagination ;-)

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You -

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