Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas party table essentials

Happy Monday everyone.
So, are the Christmas parties getting lined up and dotting your calendar?
And you decided that you will host one yourself?
Throwing a party can request quite a Herculean effort. From planning and buying things, to prepping food and beverages. You also have to make sure your friends RSVP, and the list goes on.
So I won’t help you with the menu, or the food and drinks, but I will give a few recommendations on some stunning “must-haves” for your own Xmas party!

Cheese boads:

  • Slate stone cheese board - Kitchen Stuff Plus

  • A definite steal! For only $7.99 this cheese board is stylish yet practical, easy to clean and very very wallet friendly! It comes with felt footings and it’s just under 11” x 7”.

    Rich looking, the beautiful grains of the olive wood are intensified by an organic oil finish. They come in 3 different sizes and serve as beautiful decor elements when not being used. Also, they come with a leather string for hanging.

    The cool and smooth surface of marble, if refrigerated before the party, can keep the cheese and fresh fruits nice and fresh for hours on.
    It’s simple yet sophisticated! This piece comes in a matte finish that will not show as many scratches as a glossy finish would.
    Not inexpensive, but a piece you would keep for a lifetime because of its classic look and versatility!
    Remember, in Design, spending money on timeless pieces is always a good investment.

    Ice Buckets:

    • Royal Doulton "Pop in the drinks" collection

    Contemporary spin from the British quintessential house of china. It’s “grown-up and chic, but still cool. Available at the Bay, averaging $136 CAD.

    Cheap and cheerful, only $12 on, this piece is in acrylic and dishwasher safe!. And good for outdoors for your summer parties too!

    My fave! It’s urban, it’s sleek, it’s sensual and it is shiny!
    Perfect size and double walled so that the outside wall doesn’t drip! Good news: RIGHT now on special at the Queen/Bathurst store for $32.


    Simple and inexpensive, these 3 festive centerpieces will create a focus point on your table and a more organic holiday decor for your place.
    - 1 Extra tall cylinder vase
    Your choice of 1 of the following:
    - Birch logs
    - Fresh pine tree branches and leaves with needles (I prefer Western Cedar because of its textured tips in the needles). Also remember to add water to the vase
    - Extra large pine cones with pomegranates

    I hope this article has provided you with some fresh and useful Holiday party hosting ideas.
    Have a fantastic week!

    Theo Flamenbaum

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