Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Safari tour

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Hope this week is treating everybody well.
One design trend that was a hit in the 80's has had quite a comeback: Animal prints! Either you love it or hate it.
However, a successful design is a design that will embrace a trend and layer in a timeless and cohesive execution, therefore creating a harmonious result.

With that in mind, I would like to feature 4 décor elements that will refer to the animal print & safari style. But it will not go overboard or give you the feeling of having an animal carcass in front of you!

  • Solid colour cow hide - preferably white
It adds richness and beauty to a room. Uniting  the edginess of a cow hide with the softness of the solid white colour. Beiges and solid blacks work really well too.

  • Snake skin wallpaper
Perfect if you are a lover of animal prints and want it in a big scale! Remember to be subtle. Here are 2 amazing options that will allow you to cover walls without compromising the chic element.

Dwell Studio - Gate pattern
This pattern is dynamic and will create an impressive feature wall

Maya Romanoff - Slink pattern
100% vinyl. It has texture, it has a sheen and it will make any powder room a stunner!

  • Faux fur pillows
Restoration Hardware has a beautiful collection with 6 different colours and 2 different sizes. You can always re-use the inserts and use the faux fur pillows for Fall-Winter and a nice light silk or linen for Spring-Summer.
My favourite colours are MINK and SABLE

  • Papier Maché animal head
Our friends at West Elm released this fun collection in a plethora of animals ranging from rhinos to giraffes. It's a great compromise for the animal lovers that love the look but couldn't have a real animal hanging on their wall. They also have a newsprint paper version for a more urban spin on this safari vignette.

So, you now is your turn to show your animal instinct!

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You 


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