Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stuff from Guff

Everyone is madly in love with the series "Mad Men" and its mid-century style.
From their clothes, hair and accessories to their furniture, the 50's-60's retro look is back with a vengeance.

Today, I will talk about a store in our Queen Street East neighborhood called Guff.

Situated east of Carlaw, at 1142 Queen st. East, this store is heaven for someone looking for unique pieces.
And that's exactly what I would like to stress:
- If you want to stay away from the mass produced, retail furniture pieces, this is the place for you to find that "pièce de  résistence" that will be unique and have personality!

With that in mind, you might need to give some TLC to a few pieces, but overall, they are usually already refinished, so you can walk away and plop it in your space.

I took an hour this week to take a gander and snapped some shots:

As you can see, they have lovely pieces especially credenzas, teak chairs and tables.
Some of the above images were already sold and that's one think to be mindful: they get stuff every day and their website is not 100% up to date due to that high turn over. However, that's a good thing because you might not find that one thing you're looking for today, but next week, it might be there just waiting for you.

I am myself, looking for a set of 4 chairs with an upholstered back seat, like these:

My search continues as they were sold 2 hours before I called to inquire. Boo!
I will most certainly show the results of my search and the project I'll undertake transforming them.
Stay tuned.

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You - 

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