Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Less is more!

Hello dear readers,

In this year end, full of glitter, glitz and lights, we are always thinking about how to outdo last year's holiday decor. Should I go with a real tree? What colour scheme should I do this year? Did I miss the Bay's Holiday Decor sale?
Well, you can stop right now! Because like the old cliché says: Less is more!

Why not go minimalist? or simple?
Let's not forget to take a breather this Holiday season and return to simplicity.

With that motto, I am showcasing a few directions one can take when deciding to go for less while searching for your Christmas tree:

Bendable copper + LED = Win!

You can mold the lights to whatever object you want! And it comes in warm yellow or cool white.
So what to do:
Get yourself a tall cylinder vase, and some branches. Wrap the wire around the branches and you got yourself a lit-up simple Christmas tree!

  • Be creative! Hanging Christmas balls on strings.

This idea is genius! Just get your Christmas balls from last year and some fishing line. You can hang them off a light fixture of attach them to the ceiling. It's airy, it's flowy, it's simple!

I love everything that is recycled, repurposed, reused! These little cuties come in 2 different sizes and complement a cool urban, condo-lofty Holiday decor.

  • Ornamental branch or log

This would look amazing over a sideboard, console table or hutch. You can pick a few of your favourite Christmas tree ornaments and hang 3 to 5 just for a little shine. This is simple and uber inexpensive.

  • Oak blocks tree and tea lights - For the handy ones or good friends with carpenters :-)

This is absolutely beautiful and completely translates the essence of simplicity. I was only able to find this for sale from a website in Australia, even though it's manufactured in Germany. But if you have some tools and a handy guy, this is totally doable with blocks of oak or any other wood, stained and nailed together. At the tip of each block, you put a tea light and ta da! Cool and unique!

So that's it! You don't need to go overboard to make a statement!
Like the plaque in my home office says: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Theo Flamenbaum
- Style + Function + Love + You - 

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  1. I like the first idea using branches. Now where to find branches?????????????